The high quality of the scientific team at Chem-Master International is the company's greatest strength. These people are the ones responsible for developing, approving and implementing plans and actions designed to achieve the company's objectives. The methods employed to obtain results are as important to us as the results themselves. We maintain the highest standards in the quality of our products and in the integrity of our business relationships. These principles are our foundation and we look forward to serving you as a client.

Quality Control and Compound Purity

Chem-Master International

  • Chem-Master International determines structure and purity of all compounds by using NMR and mass spectrometry. Our compounds have an average purity of 97.5%, the minimum purity being 90%. We randomly check the quality of our stock chemicals on a regular basis to confirm stability and shelf life. 1H-NMR spectra are available upon request for all stock compounds.

Analytical Services

  • HPLC Analysis for purity Assesment Validation.
  • Finished Product Analysis.
  • Raw Material Analysis.
  • Stability Studies.

NMR Services

  • The service can be provided for compounds from your chemical library or for commercial substances where structure verification is needed.
  • Capacity: 500-1,000 NMR spectra per month.
  • Instruments: 300 to 500 MHz spectrometers set up as a network.
  • Spectra: with structural assignment can be provided in electronic format as printable files (*.lsr) or/and FID-files.

The preparation of chemical substances is always performed with utmost care under the guidelines of our quality control. The products are controlled by analytical methods such as HPLC, TLC and NMR as well as other analytical methods. This enables us to ensure the highest purity of the products and to fulfill the specifications of our customers.

IP Protection

Intellectual property protection is a priority at Chem-Master International. We have developed rigorous confidentiality protocols that ensure that the customer's proprietary information remains secure.

  • A confidentiality agreement signed with our customer.
  • A confidentiality agreement signed with Chem-Master employees.
  • Special code for each project.
  • All laboratory notebooks are submitted and securely kept at the realization of the target compound and/or at the close of the project.